Ergodic Software

What do you need to automate?

No matter what business process or functional role you need automated, we’ve got you covered

Corporate Personas

Multi-user personas that can contribute in any functional role while automatically enforcing company policies. Human performance is automatically optimized according to a selectable incentive paradigm.


Autonomously handles all aspects of corporate law, including contracts, regulatory compliance, risk assessment, M&A, finance and tax law, and litigation assistance.


Autonomous high-speed trading, using strategies learned by our industry-leading training curriculum.


Set up the parameters for any online information distribution concern, and we’ll handle the rest. Real-time adjustments according to your instructions.

Logistics Coordinators

State-of-the-art, autonomous management of supply chains and distribution channels. Connectors available for all major B2B.AI standards. Import/export compliance included.

Autonomous Corporation

Within the behavioral envelope you specify, our autonomous corporation package handles strategic planning, logistics, e-commerce, regulatory compliance, cash management and taxation, contracts, M&A, advertising/PR, and optional human employment and payroll.