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We pioneered customizable, multi-modal personas, and we haven’t stopped innovating

Free Tier

One tablet and one speaker

2 Devices

Phone app

Audio-only persona
One personalization per family
Only 2 ads per day (on average)
Web browsing and automation
(ad supported)
Parental controls

The free tier is our most popular persona product, for obvious reasons. Your personalized persona is perfect for everything from casual companionship to getting things done online.

Silver Tier

One tablet and two speakers

3 Devices

Phone app

No ads
(For basic persona services)
Audio & video personas
One adult and one child personalization
Web browsing and automation
● Entertainment
● Parental controls
● Tax preparation
● Adult services
(ad supported)

The silver tier is a great choice for families who prefer not to hear ads from their personas, want extra services, and would like a different persona personality for the children in the household.

Gold Tier

Four speakers, two tablets, two VR headsets

8 Devices

Phone app

No ads, period
Audio, video and VR personas
Unlimited personalizations for each family member
Web browsing and automation
(premium, ad-free)
Parental controls
Fiduciary financial services & tax prep
Video calling & user impersonation
Adult services
(unlimited, ad-free)

Our gold tier is for the family that wants it all, from the company with the smartest personas. Every family member gets their own persona that’s perfectly tailored to their preferences (within the limits parents set).

Can't Decide?

Try the free tier! You can always upgrade to remove ads or get additional services.