Ergodic Software

Ergodic’s Technology Edge

Ergodic has maintained a technological edge over the competition since its founding over fifteen years ago. Our hardware-software partnership with Eigenvalue Optical Logic has been crucial from the beginning. The custom processors created through this partnership allow Ergodic to achieve unmatched scale while maintaining industry leading energy conservation ratings. Our hardware leadership is matched in importance only by our proprietary training curriculums that create the smartest AIs with the most compact footprints. Carefully choosing how to mix neural networks and traditional software is the final leg of our technology tripod, supporting our consistently industry-leading performance.

Data center scaling is also a linchpin of our success, enabling 82% of the world’s population to live within 500 km of a data center. With over 60 data centers on six continents, you’re sure minimize latency to the persona or business product you depend on, no matter where you go on Earth’s surface. (With some creative satellite connections, users have also stayed connected in Antarctica and low earth orbit).

Our core model has recently gained attention for its unique characteristics. To read about this development, the technically-minded may use the button below to access a scientific paper authored by Ergodic’s own Francine Harcourt.